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How much is my car worth?

Many people in the Columbia vicinity find themselves in immediate need of money with no easy way to get it. Whether you have a large bill due or you’d like to own something you can’t afford, a title loan from us could be the option that you’ve been searching for.

In case you’re not familiar with them, title loans are loans that are provided to borrowers who possess vehicle titles in their names. 

If you can meet this very basic requirement, then there’s a great chance that you can get one of our title loans and all of the advantages that go along with them.

How to Qualify for a Vehicle Title Loan

Often, we come across borrowers who think they couldn’t possibly qualify for one of our title loans. Usually, these are people who have been denied other types of financing or loans before. Even if that applies to you, we still urge you to give us a try!

We don’t have the stringent qualifications of many other lenders, largely because our loans are based on collateral, instead of on credit alone. We can assist almost anyone who owns a car, has income, and is able to use their title as loan security. Meet that very basic criteria, at least to start, and you’re probably a great candidate for a loan through us. 

Superior Speed

While car title loans bring a great many perks to Columbia customers, perhaps one of the best is just how quickly they can get their loan money once approved, especially when compared to other financing options, like banks and more traditional lenders.

When you borrow via these more common alternatives, you can expect a lengthy application process that includes highly specific information, much of which may be difficult to get . As a result, simply filling out your loan application can take several days if not weeks. 

Then, you have to wait many business days or more to find out if you’ve even been approved for the loan. And, since most other lending choices have harsh credit and background requirements, there’s a fair chance you won’t be, which means you could wait all that time just to get nothing.

Even if you are accepted for another type of loan, you can expect to wait several business days or more to get your loan and then more time for the money to clear and actually be available for spending. Nothing about this procedure, if you can even get approved, spells quickness or efficiency.

If you’re not in a place where you can wait and wait for a loan you may get, a title loan from LoanCenter is clearly the best option. We work hard to quickly assess your application. And, if you do get approved for the loan, we’ll make certain you get your money as quickly as possible. In fact, in most situations, our borrowers get their loan funds delivered and ready for use on the very same day that they apply.

What’s even better is that you can utilize these loan funds however you want. Unlike other types of lenders, we’ll never ask you why you need the loan or what you plan to do with it. As long as you can qualify for the funds you want, which isn’t hard to do in most cases, you can get your funds from us and you can get them right away.

Does Your Credit Affect Your Loan Eligibility?

While bank loans and other more standard forms of lending require you to have a great credit score, that’s not the case with title loans. We do take a look at your credit, but it’s not the main determining factor in whether or not you get a loan. Actually, the main reason we look at your credit is to try and come up with the best interest rate and loan terms to meet your individual needs and situation.

Since our loans are based on collateral, we don’t require you to have amazing credit the way that other lenders do. Conversely, we just look mainly at the worth within your automobile. So, the more your car is worth, the more money you can typically borrow. This fact allows you to have a great deal of control over the loan process.

If you have a few vehicles, for example, and you know you want to borrow a larger amount, you could provide the newest or most expensive vehicle title as collateral. On the other hand, if you just need to borrow a little, an older vehicle will be sufficient too.

Of course, with that said, you are never required to borrow the full amount for which you are eligible. You can borrow less than you are offered in most cases, which gives you the ability to better control your loan and to make informed decisions from a financial standpoint.

Rest assured that, here at LoanCenter, we never pressure you into any kind of decision about how much of a loan to accept or anything else. We’re here to answer questions, provide help and support, but ultimately, we step back and let you make your own decisions every time.

What sum can I obtain with a vehicle title loan?

The prime factor is the value of your automobile.

How soon can the loan be obtained?

Typically, you will receive your loan amount on the very same day that you apply.

What can the loan funds be used for?

Your loan money is yours to utilize as you want. Spend it on bills or on a large purchase. It’s your decision!

Contact Loan Center Today

As you can tell, a title loan is a wonderful option. To try it out for yourself, contact LoanCenter and start the application process. It might just be one of the best and smartest things you’ve ever done for yourself!

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Personal Loan benefits

  • Fast approvals
  • All credit scores accepted with proof of income
  • Repos and bankcruptcies OK
  • Keep your car during the life of the loan

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