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Whether you’re in the market for a new or used car, finding the best financing option is an important part of the process. By choosing the right type of loan, it could potentially save you money, alleviate your financial stress, and allow you to have more options to pick the right car for you.

Customize your auto loan to fit your current financial situation

Customize your auto loan to fit your current financial situation

LoanCenter makes it easy to customize your auto loan to fit your current financial situation:

  • To minimize the stress on your monthly budget, you can choose to have the lowest possible monthly payment.
  • To save the most money in the long run, you can choose to have the lowest APR possible.
  • To get the most options for the cars you can select, you can choose the largest loan possible.
Auto loans are an excellent way to build and improve your credit score

Auto loans are an excellent way to build and improve your credit score

If you make your payments on time, your credit report will label your car loan as current. Payment history is an important factor which determines your credit score, so having an auto loan can potentially play a huge roll in raising your credit score.

Our Dealer Purchase Auto Loan Process


Get Pre-Qualified

See customized loan options in seconds through our secure loan application process.


See Your Offers

Choose the loan structure that fits your needs. You can adjust your loan later using our customer portal.


Optional Vehicle Products

Protect your vehicle and pocketbook a GAP waiver and/or a warranty coverage


Select Your Vehicle

Browse our inventory and find a car that is pre-qualified for the loan options that you selected.


Buy your Car

Take your pre-qualification voucher to the dealership to get your new vehicle.

Avoid Spending Hours at the Dealership

Find the perfect vehicle before setting foot on the lot!

Not only can LoanCenter help you choose a great deal on an auto loan, we can help you find your next car. LoanCenter has partnerships with over 30,000 auto dealerships, with a large portion of that inventory available to view right here.

Start by choosing your financing options, or by choosing your vehicle—the option is yours. By financing an auto loan before visiting the dealership, you can have the peace of mind that you chose the right loan for your situation, all from the convenience of your home.

Easily find the best vehicle for you—all from the comfort of your home

Easily find the best vehicle for you—all from the comfort of your home

Car shopping doesn’t need to be hard! With LoanCenter, you can find the car of your dreams all from the comfort of your home.



Does the pre-qualification process affect my FICO score?

The pre-qualification process for financing does NOT affect your credit score. Getting pre-qualified initiates a soft pull on your credit, which can analyze your credit history without showing as an inquiry.

A similar instance where this happens is when you receive a credit card offer in the mail. The creditor runs a soft pull on your credit to see if you qualify for their credit card, and if you do, they send you mailers.

Does this mean I am approved?

Getting pre-qualified for financing is the step prior to getting approved. The pre-qualification process is simple and quick. All you need to do is provide some basic information about yourself. With this information, the lender can give you a good idea of what your payment options will be, all without affecting your credit score.

Getting approved may involve providing additional documentation to allow the lender to make a full determination of your creditworthiness. LoanCenter will obtain your credit report, causing an inquiry to be recorded, which may slightly lower your credit score. 

What do I do after I submit my information for pre-qualification?

After you become pre-qualified, we suggest you browse through our vehicle listing pages to find the perfect vehicle that fits your financing needs. Each vehicle listed on the site will show whether you are pre-qualified and if so, will show your calculated interest rate and monthly payment. Once you find a vehicle, you can further customize your down payment and term length options to see the effect on your monthly payment.

Once you are satisfied with your financing, you can print out a voucher by pressing “Save this offer” or continue with the buying process.

How do I get the voucher?

After you pre-qualify for financing on our website, visit any vehicle page that you pre-qualify for and press “Save this offer”.

What do I do after I choose my vehicle?

After you find a vehicle that fits your financing needs, we suggest you do the following:

Print the voucher by pressing “Save this offer” and take it with you to the dealership. This will allow the dealer to find your deal and, as long as your information hasn’t significantly changed from what you entered, then your approval can match your pre-qualification. From there, you can work on the remaining paperwork and bring your car home!

Are pre-qualified financing and payment options guaranteed?

Financing and payment options from pre-qualification results are not guaranteed as they are rough estimates given based on the limited information provided during pre-qualification.

Can I get pre-qualified for an auto loan with bad credit?

Absolutely! Here are LoanCenter, we help pre-qualify people for financing across all credit situations.

How do I contact the dealership?

You can find dealership contact information on vehicle detail pages. We suggest that you pre-qualify on our website first before contacting a dealership so that you know your financing options before speaking to the dealer.

For more questions and answers, head to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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