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Car Title Loans in Chattanooga, Tennessee


How much is my car worth?

If you live in the Chattanooga area and are in need of money, then you should educate yourself about title loans, which are offered via LoanCenter.

In case you’re not educated on this type of loan, a title loan is a variety of personal loan. However, unlike other personal loans, these loans are protected by a very specific sort of collateral: your automobile title. As a result, you will need a vehicle title in your name with no liens against it in order to qualify.

If you can meet these basic requirements, then you are an excellent candidate for a title loan, which can provide many advantages to your life in Chattanooga.

Better than Selling Your Belongings

All too regularly, we hear about individuals selling things they own when they get into a jam. They might sacrifice jewelry, heirlooms, or other things precious to them just to try and get some income when they’re in dire need. 

This is especially unfortunate since these individuals have such an easy and more profitable possibility in front of them: getting a title loan.

If you have an automobile, there’s no reason to sell or pawn something you care about. Just use your vehicle title as security, keep using your vehicle, and get the money you require, and then pay it back over time. What could be simpler? 

A Fast Way to Get Funds

Once you qualify for a title loan, it’s incredibly fast and easy to get your loan amount. In fact, many of our borrowers actually get their loan funds on the very same day that they get approved for them. We understand that many of our borrowers are in a hurry, so we don’t play around when it comes to getting you your money.

Also, we’re proud to say that we’re a much more efficient option than other types of lenders. With bank lenders or other more standard lenders, for example, you can expect a lengthy, difficult application process, followed by a long waiting period to decide if you’re approved. If you’re not, then you’ve used up a lot of time for nothing. And, if you are accepted, you can expect to wait longer for your loan funds to be credited to your account and then even longer for them to clear.

Most people who are trying to borrow money don’t have that kind of time to spend. In fact, for many of our borrowers, waiting that long would negate the purpose of the loan and could potentially put them in a much worse financial situation than they were in to begin with!Thus, if you need money instantly and want a lender who empathizes with that, a title loan is the way to go, even if you can get another kind of loan.

Avoid Selling Your Vehicle

Commonly, individuals who get into a “financial rough spot” will think about selling their vehicles as a way to make some cash. But, is that really the course of action you want to choose? 

You could be left without a car or with only one family vehicle that everyone is forced to share. Either situation could prove quite challenging depending on your circumstances. Plus, when you’re acting from a place of severe need, you’re likely to sell your precious car for less than it’s actually worth. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, choose a title loan.

While you may have heard that title loans require you to give your car over to the lender, rest assured that this is not the case! With title loans, your vehicle stays in your possession at all times. You get to keep driving it even as you pay back the loan. When compared to just selling your car for some money and then trying to figure out how to make it without a vehicle, title loans easily win out as a smarter option. In fact, many of our borrowers love our loans so much that they even become repeat customers. However, whether you use our services one times or a hundred times, we are happy to assist you!

Common Title Loan Questions 

Is there a long waiting period to obtain your money?

There is no long waiting period. Once we review your application, you get your funds immediately.

Who is eligible for a vehicle title loan?

Don’t worry! Excellent credit isn’t required to obtain a vehicle loan, but you will need a vehicle title in your name and a regular source of funding.

How do I learn more?

To learn more, you can call LoanCenter or fill out our contact form to have a friendly loan expert get in touch.

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Personal Loan benefits

  • Fast approvals
  • All credit scores accepted with proof of income
  • Repos and bankcruptcies OK
  • Keep your car during the life of the loan

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