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Car Title Loans in Racine, Wisconsin


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Car Title Loans in Racine, Wisconsin

When you need a loan quickly in the Racine area, it’s easy to feel like you have no choices and nowhere to go. Fortunately, in actuality, you do have resources if you own a car.

When you have a vehicle with a title in your name, you always have a reliable form of equity to look to. All you need to do is secure a title loan. Title loans, in case you’re not familiar with them, are loans accessible through LoanCenter that are becoming more and more common among Racine area borrowers and for good reason.

These loans are given to borrowers who are willing to offer their vehicle titles as loan collateral, which makes these loans very easy to get. Also, in addition to being an easy option, these loans also happen to include many excellent benefits.

Don’t Listen to the Lies

There are many myths about title loans. One of the most bizarre is that title loans require borrowers to give their auto over to the lender. However, this is not true! The truth is that you use your title as collateral, but you still get to keep using your car as you complete the loan.

Your car never has to leave your sight at any time, which should help you to breathe a big sigh of relief! If worrying about what you would do without a car kept you back from getting a title loan, now you know that this is not a viable fear. In fact, there are many lies floating around about title loans! 

So, before you believe something that gives you pause or makes you concerned, ask us or research them yourself. You’ll find that these loans are a lot more basic and more straightforward than most people give them credit for. 

Pre-Qualify in Minutes

If a title loan seems like it could be a great option for you, then we encourage you to fill out our simple pre-qualification form online. This simple form will only ask for some very basic information from you about you and your car. Once you submit the form, you’ll know immediately if you pre-qualify for a loan.

Our easy online form is a great way to avoid wasting your time and to get an idea of how much you could borrow via one of our title loans. Of course, if you have questions or concerns after filling out the form, our loan experts are always available to help you. Also, if you do decide to move forward with a title loan (and you definitely should!), one of our friendly loan advisors will walk you through the whole process from start to end.

Superior Speed

While car title loans offer a great many perks to Racine customers, perhaps one of the best is just how quickly they can get their loan funds once approved, especially when compared to other financing alternatives, like banks and more standard lenders.

When you borrow via these more traditional routes, you can expect a consuming application process that includes incredibly personal information, much of which may be difficult to come by. As a result, simply submitting your loan application can take many days if not more. Then, you have to wait many business days or more to know if you’ve even been accepted for the loan. And, since most other lending choices have harsh credit and background requirements, there’s a good chance you won’t be, which means you could waste all that time just to get nothing.

Even if you are accepted for another type of loan, you can expect to wait many business days or longer to get your money and then more time for the money to clear and actually be available for spending. Nothing about this process, if you can even get approved, spells quickness or efficiency.

If you’re not in a place where you can wait and wait for a loan you may get, a title loan from LoanCenter is clearly the greatest option. We work diligently to immediately assess your application. And, if you do get approved for the loan, we’ll make certain you get your funds as soon as possible. In fact, in most cases our customers get their loan money delivered and ready for use on the very same day that they apply for it.

What’s even better is that you can use these loan funds however you would like. Unlike other types of lenders, we’ll never ask you why you need the loan or what you plan to do with it. As long as you can qualify for the funds you want, which isn’t difficult to do in most cases, you can get your money from us and you can get it right away.

No Credit Concerns

While bank loans and other more standard forms of lending require you to have a great credit score, that’s not the case with title loans. We do take a look at your credit, but it’s not the main determining factor in whether or not you get a loan. In fact, the main reason we look at your credit is to try and negotiate the best interest rate and loan terms to meet your specific needs and situation.

Since our loans are based on collateral, we don’t force you to have amazing credit the way that other lenders do. On the other hand, we just look mainly at the worth within your vehicle. So, the more your car is worth, the more money you can typically borrow. This fact allows you to have a great deal of control over the loan process.

If you have multiple vehicles, for example, and you know you want to borrow a larger amount, you could provide the newest or most expensive vehicle title as collateral. On the other hand, if you just need to borrow a little money to get you through, an older vehicle will be sufficient too.

Of course, with that said, you are never required to borrow the full amount for which you are eligible. You can borrow less than you are offered in most cases, which gives you the ability to better control your loan and to make wise decisions from a financial standpoint.

Common Title Loan Questions

How much money does a title loan offer?

The amount will fluctuate and is dependent on many different determiners.

How fast can the loan be received?

There is no long waiting period. Once we process your application, you get your loan right away.

Is it hard to qualify for a vehicle loan?

Don’t worry! Perfect credit isn’t needed to qualify for a car loan, but you will need a vehicle title in your name and a regular source of funding. 

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Getting a title loan through us can be a wonderfully positive experience for you. We invite you to take the beginning steps today. The sooner you do, the sooner you can have the funds you need!

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Personal Loan benefits

  • Fast approvals
  • All credit scores accepted with proof of income
  • Repos and bankcruptcies OK
  • Keep your car during the life of the loan

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