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In South Carolina, your car doesn’t just get you from Point A to Point B — it can also serve as a stepping stone to financial freedom. At LoanCenter, we help you in making the best out of your vehicle by allowing you to utilize it as collateral in securing a loan. You don’t have to hand us your keys to get a loan — keep driving your car as you please as you make regular monthly payments. This system also provides an opportunity to boost your credit score.

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Understanding Car Title Loans

A car title loan is a great way for individuals with less than perfect credit scores to get financial help. With LoanCenter, you can qualify as long as you own a car, have a steady source of income and can demonstrate your ability to make payments. Here’s how it works:

The value of your car is assessed to determine your loan amount.

Your car acts as collateral to guarantee the loan.

Your car continues to be in your possession while potentially improving your credit score.

What Is a Car Title Loan?

Explaining Car Title Loans

Car title loans deviate from the traditional loan process. Where conventional loans require a detailed scrutiny of your financial history and credit score, car title loans are more flexible, focusing on the value of your vehicle. This allows you to access funds for any purpose, providing an alternative for those who may be deemed high risk based on traditional lending criteria.

Benefits of a LoanCenter Title Loan

Why Choose LoanCenter’s Title Loan?

In the picturesque landscapes of South Carolina, from the beautiful beaches of Myrtle Beach to the historic city of Charleston, and the bustling city of Columbia, a destination for food lovers, LoanCenter stands out as a reliable financial solution. Here’s why:

  • We consider the larger context of the borrower and offer loans to individuals with both excellent and poor credit.
  • Our application process is straightforward, and you could get your funds quickly.
  • We boast competitive rates for car title loans, often better than our competitors.

Our Auto Loan Process

You may be eligible to borrow money against the equity in your car. With a car title loan, you can borrow cash by applying for a title loan. If you accept your loan offer, you will be approved for a title loan. Finding out how much you qualify for is fast, easy, and free! Find out how much you can borrow by submitting your loan application.


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How can you get your money faster?

To expedite the approval process:

  • Ensure that vehicle-related documents are accurate.
  • Submit all necessary documentation with your application.
  • Typically, you will need to provide proof of identification, vehicle title, and proof of repayment capability.

Once we have your details, our team will get in touch. If you prefer, you can reach us on our toll-free number, (866) 553-3840. Our representatives are always ready to assist. Once you consent to the loan amount, we’ll help you complete the necessary paperwork. Prepare these documents in advance to facilitate faster processing of your car title loan application. Our team is committed to reviewing and making credit decisions swiftly.

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South Carolina Loan FAQs

What are South Carolina Title Loans?

South Carolina Title Loans refer to short-term loans where individuals use their vehicle’s title as collateral to borrow money. These loans are often taken by people who need quick cash for emergencies and unexpected expenses.

How do South Carolina Title Loans work?

To obtain a title loan in South Carolina, borrowers must provide their vehicle’s title to the lender. The amount of money you can borrow typically depends on the value of your vehicle. The lender holds on to the title until the loan, including interest and fees, is fully repaid.

What are the requirements for a title loan in South Carolina?

Generally, a borrower needs to own a vehicle outright, have a lien-free car title, state-issued identification, proof of income, and sometimes proof of residency.

Can I get a title loan in South Carolina if I have bad credit?

Yes, title loans are often provided regardless of credit scores since they are secured by your vehicle.

How much can I borrow with a title loan in South Carolina?

This typically depends on the lender and the worth of your vehicle. Some lenders may provide loans up to half the resale value of the vehicle.

What happens if I cannot repay my title loan in South Carolina?

If you cannot repay the loan, the lender may have the right to repossess your vehicle and sell it to cover the outstanding loan amount.

How soon can I get the money from a title loan in South Carolina?

Typically, you can receive the funds fairly quickly, often within a day or two.

What are the interest rates for title loans in South Carolina?

Interest rates for title loans can be high, often exceeding 25% per month (which translates to a 300% APR).

Are online title loans available in South Carolina?

Yes, some lenders offer online title loan services in South Carolina.

Can I get a title loan in South Carolina without a job?

Although proof of income is typically required, some lenders may accept other forms of regular, reliable income.

Can I pay off my title loan early?

Yes, most title loan lenders in South Carolina allow for early repayment without prepayment penalties.

Can I get a title loan on a motorcycle in South Carolina?

Yes, some lenders offer title loans on motorcycles.

Can I get a title loan in South Carolina if I’m still paying off my car?

Generally, to qualify for a title loan, your car needs to be paid off and the title has to be lien-free.

What are the laws regulating title loans in South Carolina?

Title loans in South Carolina are regulated by the South Carolina Consumer Protection Code.

Can I refinance my title loan in South Carolina?

Yes, some lenders may allow you to refinance or roll over your title loan, though it might come with additional fees and interest.

How long do I have to repay a title loan in South Carolina?

Repayment periods can vary widely depending on the lender, but they are typically 30 days.

Can I get a title loan in South Carolina with an out-of-state title?

This depends on the lender, some may not accept an out-of-state title, so it’s best to check in advance.

Are there alternatives to title loans in South Carolina?

Yes, alternatives can include personal loans, payday loans, and borrowing from friends or family.

Where can I get a title loan in South Carolina?

You can get a title loan from various storefront lenders throughout South Carolina, and some lenders also offer online services.

Can I get a title loan in South Carolina without a store visit?

Yes, some lenders offer online title loans, where the entire process, from application to funding, can be done online.


What is a car title loan?

A car title loan is a personal loan that is secured by the borrower’s vehicle. The loan amount is based upon the vehicle’s value and the borrower’s ability to repay, making your credit score a less important factor. The borrower gets to keep driving the car while the loan is outstanding.

What do I need in order to get approved for a car title loan?

The amount you are approved for will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your Car’s Value
  • State Laws
  • Your Income
  • Type of Vehicle

How much does my car have to be worth?

In general, the car needs to be worth more than the amount of money you borrow. It takes only a few minutes to find out how much you can borrow, and there is no charge and no obligation to find out.

Can I get a car title loan if someone else’s name is on the title with mine?

Yes. We can offer a loan if more than one name is on the vehicle’s title.

Can I get a car title loan if I cannot find the title to my car?

Yes. We may offer a loan if you have lost or misplaced the vehicle’s title.

Do I get to drive my car while the loan is outstanding?

Absolutely! One of the benefits of a car title loan is that you can keep driving your car while the loan is outstanding.

What is the cost of my credit going to be?

The interest rates vary depending on the state of residency of the borrower, creditworthiness, collateral, and the terms agreed to. The annual interest rates vary between 34.99% and 157.99%. For a typical loan of $4,000 with an 80% annual percentage rate and a 24-month term, the monthly payment is $338.61, the total scheduled interest is $4,126.87, and the total of payments is $8,126.64. The interest on the loan may vary depending upon the timing of the payments made.

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Is it possible to have a co-signer on my car title loan?

Yes. You can have a co-signer on your car title loan. The co-signer will need to sign a credit application and provide identification, proof of residence, and proof of income. We keep all non-public personal data private and will not let the borrower see the co-signer’s data and vice versa.

For more questions and answers, head to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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