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Car Title Loans in Goodyear, Arizona


How much is my car worth?

Car Title Loans in Goodyear, Arizona

If you live in the Goodyear area and are in need of funds, then you should learn about title loans, which are accessible through LoanCenter.

In case you’re not aware of this option, a title loan is a type of personal loan. However, unlike other personal loans, these loans are protected by a very specific piece of collateral—your car title. As such, you will need a vehicle title in your name with no liens in order to obtain loan approval.

If you can satisfy these basic requirements, then you could be an excellent candidate for a title loan.

Don’t Panic Over Your Credit

When people need financing, they may go into a frenzy over what their credit history looks like and whether or not they’d be able to qualify for a loan. If this seems like you, don’t worry, LoanCenter may be able to help.

Here at LoanCenter, we may look at your credit, but it doesn’t always play a vital role in whether or not we’ll approve you for a title loan. We’re often more focused on the equity in your car. Thus, if you have a vehicle, a regular source of income, and can use the title as collateral, there is a possibility that we will be able to help you. 1

The more your car is worth, the greater the loan amount that you can typically qualify for. That’s not to say, though, that older or less valuable vehicles can’t still provide the security to get you a loan. At LoanCenter, we suggest that you borrow on the lower end of what you’re eligible for. Doing so can ultimately make the loan easier to pay back.

Work with a Company that Cares about You

Another advantage of financing with us is that we can help people with all types of credit. In fact, we frequently approve people who have poor credit or lower than average incomes.

We value regular communication from our clients and encourage letting us know how things are going. If you are having difficulty making your payment or experiencing other financial troubles, contact us to see how we can help. We may be able to extend the loan or make any other adjustments.2

Also, unlike some other lenders, we do not charge a fee or penalize you in any way for paying your loan off early. In truth, we think paying off your loan early is a great way for you to save money!

We are in this business to help people just like you, and it shows in the way we handle and treat our clients.

Improve Your Credit

Since we are not always stringent about credit the way that some other lenders may be, we can end up lending to people who either have poor credit or low credit. The good news about that, however, is that by making payments on time their credit may improve by the end of the loan term.

When you make your loan payments as agreed upon, that information may be passed down to the credit bureaus. This, in turn, may help to improve your credit. And, when you pay off the loan, that last payment may have a positive effect on your credit score as well.

Commonly Asked Questions about Title Loans

How long does it take to receive the loan amount?

Once the paperwork is completed and if the loan is approved, we will work to get you your money as soon as possible.

How can you utilize the loan money?

Your loan total is yours to use as you prefer. Spend it on bills or on a big purchase—it’s up to you! We only ask however that you spend the funds in legal ways only.

Where do I learn more?

Fill out an application online at LoanCenter to see if you pre-qualify for a title loan. If you are approved, one of our Loan Officers will be in touch.

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1 Loan approval is subject to meeting the lender’s credit criteria, which include demonstration of ability to repay the loan. Not all applications will be approved.

2 Extending your loan or making any other adjustments is not guaranteed. Adjusting the loan may cause additional fees, interest and lengthen the time spent paying off the loan. Please contact our customer service department to further discuss your particular case and see how LoanCenter can help.

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Personal Loan benefits

  • Fast approvals
  • All credit scores accepted with proof of income
  • Repos and bankcruptcies OK
  • Keep your car during the life of the loan

If you have questions, we have answers. Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions.

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