If you need fast cash, applying for a title loan might be the solution. Title loans are not like traditional personal loans. For starters, title loans are usually processed quickly, which means you won’t need to wait weeks to get the cash you need. It’s also easier to qualify for a title loan than it is to qualify for a traditional personal loan. If you own a car, you might be eligible for a title loan.

Unlike traditional personal loans, title loans are secured by collateral. To borrow money through a title loan, you must use the title to your vehicle as collateral. You won’t need to give up your car in order to borrow money, though. The lender will either put a lien on your title or hold onto it while you make payments. In the meantime, you can continue to drive your vehicle while you pay off your loan.

If you apply for a title loan, the title loan company may ask you to bring your vehicle in for an inspection. If you’re not comfortable with this step in the process, you may be wondering whether there are title loans that don’t require the car inspection. Here’s what you need to know:

Why Do Title Loan Companies Need to Inspect Your Vehicle?

First, it’s important to understand why title loan companies need to inspect your vehicle during the application process.

Your car is used as collateral to secure your title loan. This means if you fail to repay your loan, the title loan company has the right to take possession of your car to satisfy your debt. Because of this, the title loan company needs to know how much your vehicle is worth before determining if you are eligible for a title loan and if so, how much you can borrow. 

It’s difficult to calculate the value of a vehicle without seeing it in person, which is why most title loan companies ask applicants to bring their vehicle in for an inspection. 

Title Loans That Don’t Require the Car

What to Expect During the Title Loan Inspection Process

The inspection process may vary depending on the title loan company. Your title loan company may ask you to bring your vehicle into their local office for an inspection. Or your lender could offer to send someone to your home or workplace to inspect your vehicle. This would save you the trouble of having to travel to the lender, which would make the inspection process more convenient. 

Regardless of where it occurs, the inspection is a fairly simple and straightforward process. The title loan company will carefully examine the condition of your vehicle’s interior and exterior. The inspector will also check under the hood to look for mechanical problems that could affect the value of the vehicle.

Will Lenders Issue Title Loans Without Seeing the Car?

Some title loan companies will not require an inspection of your vehicle. These title loan companies may allow you to submit photos of your vehicle in lieu of an inspection. This way, they can calculate the value of your vehicle without seeing the car in person. 

If you are given this option, make sure you understand what photos you need to submit to the title loan company. The title loan company may simply ask you to submit photos of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. However, many title loan companies will give you a list of different parts of the car you need to photograph. For instance, you may be asked to take pictures of the VIN, odometer, tires, engine, front seats, rear seats, and more.

The bottom line is every title loan company is unique. Some offer online title loans with no inspection, whereas others require you to bring your vehicle in. 

Title Loans That Don’t Require the Car

How Much Will You Be Able to Borrow With a Title Loan?

Title loan companies can lend between $2,510 to $50,000 per loan. However, the amount you are able to borrow will depend on:

  • Your income: During the application process, the title loan company will evaluate your income to determine how much you can afford to repay. 
  • Your car’s resale value: You cannot borrow more than your vehicle is worth, so your car’s resale value will play a major role in determining the size of your title loan.
  • Your equity: You cannot borrow more than the value of your equity. To calculate your equity, subtract the amount you owe on your vehicle from your vehicle’s resale value.

Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to get a free quote so you can find out how much you can borrow if you are approved for a title loan.

What Are the Other Title Loans Requirements?

The eligibility requirements for a title loan are not the same as the eligibility requirements for a traditional personal loan. You may qualify for a title loan if you meet these conditions:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You own or partially own a vehicle.
  • You have equity in your vehicle.
  • You are willing to consent to a credit check.
  • You have a reliable source of income.

Remember, it’s easier to qualify for a title loan than it is to qualify for other personal loans. In fact, you may qualify for a title loan even if you weren’t approved for a traditional personal loan due to your credit.

What Documents Do You Need to Submit to Apply for a Title Loan?

During the application process, the title loan company will ask you to submit a number of different documents. If you plan on applying for a title loan, be prepared to provide:

  • Your driver’s license or another type of government-issued ID
  • The title to your vehicle
  • Proof of residence such as your driver’s license, a recent utility bill, lease agreement, or mortgage statement
  • Proof of income such as recent pay stubs, bank statements, or tax returns
  • Proof of auto insurance

Some lenders may require additional documentation to process your application. Work with your loan officer to ensure you submit everything that is required. The sooner you submit the required documentation, the sooner you can get the cash you need to make ends meet. 

Title Loans That Don’t Require the Car

How to Apply for a Title Loan

Now you should have a better understanding of what your options are when it comes to getting a title loan without a car inspection. If you’re ready to get fast cash, follow these steps to apply for a title loan from LoanCenter:

  1. Contact our loan specialists. You can call 1-877-624-7594 to speak to a loan specialist directly. You also have the option of submitting your information using the form on our website. If you choose this option, a loan specialist will be in touch shortly.
  2. Get a free quote. It only takes a few minutes to find out if you are approved, how much you can borrow, and at what interest rate. All you need to do is provide some information about your car, including its make, model, year, condition, and mileage.
  3. Finalize your loan. To move forward with the application process, you will need to sign and submit the required documentation. Your loan specialist will ensure you know what documents you need to sign and submit to complete this step.
  4. Get your cash. You can collect your cash shortly after your application is approved. 

Take the first step toward securing the cash you need by contacting our loan specialists today.