The countdown to the holidays is on, but so is the countdown to another New Year. So what will your New Year’s resolution be for 2019? The vow to save more money topped the list of resolutions made in 2018. This year, resolve to save more and spend less! That way, your nest egg will be waiting in case of emergencies—or maybe even to fund that dream vacation. Every penny adds up to savings, and when you vow to tuck more money into savings, here are 100 ways to help you keep that resolution! Here’s 100 ways to save money in 2019!


Save at the Store

Grocery shopping may be the bane of your existence, or you may love it! But you should always vow to make smart decisions while shopping, because those well-lit aisles are ready to tempt you to grab items you just don’t need. Here’s how to save more at the store:

  1.   Make a list before you shop and buy only what you need.
  2.   Review store ads to find the best prices for must-have products and purchases.
  3.   Head to the self check-out to avoid impulse purchases.
  4.   Cut coupons for items you need (not those you want!).
  5.   Use in-store points or redeemable rewards to help lower your bill.
  6.   Buy generic brands instead of name-brands.
  7.   Shop at smaller private-label stores so you don’t feel tempted by too many product choices.
  8.   Set a budget for groceries and pay with cash. This limits your buying power to only what you need.
  9.   Buy in bulk for freezer-friendly foods like meats.
  10.   Purchase produce that is in-season for the lowest prices.

Save at Home

Your habits at home also can cost you each month! Electricity bills ebb and flow based on the climate (and outdoor temps), but here are 10 easy ways to help save money on basic household costs:

  1.   Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  2.   Inquire about budget-billing options for utilities; some companies allow you to have a set price   each month for budgeting purposes.
  3.   Don’t leave the water running when brushing your teeth or washing hands.
  4.   Open the curtains to use natural light…and to help lower your electricity bill!
  5.   Lower the temperature on your hot water heater thermostat.
  6.   Nudge down your HVAC temperature in the winter or nudge it up during summer!
  7.   Don’t leave appliances plugged in.
  8.   Limit your shower time.
  9.   Switch out incandescent bulbs for LED.
  10.   Install low-flow showerheads and faucets.

Save on the Road

Your car could lead to monthly costs that quickly get out of hand. Here’s how to save money to keep your ride roadworthy:

  1.   Check popular oil change locales for coupons on those frequent (and necessary) oil changes.
  2.   Download apps to find the least expensive gas in your area.
  3.   Fix small issues early before those little problems cost you more in maintenance.
  4.   Need new tires? Shop around before making that big purchase.
  5.   Consider buying used tires at a trusted tire shop.
  1.   Don’t neglect the interior! Your car’s condition adds to its value. This could make a difference if you decide to sell your car.
  2.   Get multiple quotes for repairs that aren’t urgent…or a safety issue.
  3.   Need new wiper blades? It’s cheaper to buy them at a local store and install them yourself.
  4.   Look into refinancing car loans that have high-interest rates.
  5.   Head to your bank or local credit union to compare interest rates for a new car loan.

Earn Extra Cash

How about making more cash? Take on a side job or sell those unwanted items and earn extra cash that can be set aside as savings! So, what can you do to earn more money? Here are 10 options:

  1.   Drive for a rideshare company.
  2.   Start a business on Etsy selling unique items or clothes from your closet!
  3.   Sell your high-end clothes, shoes, and handbags on consignment.
  4.   Work as a courier delivering packages.
  5.   Become a delivery driver for a restaurant.
  6.   Turn your home into an AirBnb.
  7.   Sell your car to a dealer. If you have an older car, you could consider selling your car to a car buying company like Junk Car Medics.
  8.   Freelance as an artist, writer or photographer (or any other niche in which you excel).
  9.   Get a part-time job at a local business.
  10.   Sell your fine jewelry to a local jeweler or buyer. There are many businesses that buy gold, silver, and diamonds.

Cut Costs to Save

If you want extra money to stash away into savings, you also can cut out unnecessary expenses that are draining your budget. Here are 10 expenses to ax from your budget NOW:

  1.   Cut cable or satellite television. Instead, opt for streaming services to catch the shows you really watch.
  2.   Cut out data from your cell phone plan if you don’t need it or use it.
  3.  If you have a cell phone, consider cutting the landline.
  4.   Cut restaurants. Instead, cook at home. Even fast food restaurants can cost a family of four at least $30.
  5.   Don’t overspend on sports for the kids. Sports teams are costly. If the budget is hurting, consider less expensive teams or cheaper recreation leagues.
  6.   Stop shopping retail for clothing. Instead, head to second-hand stores or discount options.
  7.   Avoid spending on alcohol and tobacco. If you love a few glasses of wine each night, you might want to add up that weekly cost. Cut out substances you don’t need; your health will thank you, too!
  8.   Cut gym memberships. Yes, these seem like a healthy idea. But if you aren’t going to the gym, then the money for membership is just needless weight.
  9.   Cut spa treatments. Massages, manicures and pedicures are luxury items. Delete them from your budget.
  10.   Cut back on entertainment sending. Heading to the cinema is expensive. Instead, rent movies or stream them online. Also, hunt down free entertainment options in your area…like parks and museums.

50 More Ways to Save Money in 2019!

Saving Money with Kids

Being a parent is an expensive job. According to the USDA, raising a child to adulthood costs parents more than $200,000—that’s the price of a home! Saving even just a little on the basics can help that bottom line. Here’s how to save when raising kids:

  1.   Buy second-hand clothes for little ones; they outgrew items quickly!
  2.   Don’t toss out any item that could be a hand-me-down for a younger sibling.
  3.   Forget the unnecessary baby items like wipes warmer, burp cloths, receiving blankets and crib bumpers (plus bumpers are a suffocation hazard!).
  4.   For baby, choose gender-neutral items that can be used again for a sibling.
  5.   Be practical in shoe choices—buy a few pairs that match most items. One pair of dress shoes and maybe one or two pairs of running shoes.
  6.   Shop sales and buy clothes in bigger sizes; then stash them away for when you need them!
  7.   For inexpensive haircuts, inquire about kids’ days at local salons.
  8.   Back-to-school lists are expansive and expensive; don’t hesitate to hit up dollar stores!
  9.   For older kids, shop consignment stores (or even thrift stores) to find expensive and popular brand name clothes at low prices.
  10.   Sell old toys, video games, and other items online or at a garage sale to earn a little extra cash for new must-have items.

Save on Healthcare

One of the biggest costs for families is healthcare. But these costs go beyond just the price of insurance. Your health is priceless, and it is something you should never neglect out of financial fear. Here’s how to keep your costs in check at the doctor’s office, the hospital, and the pharmacy:

  1.   Stay in your network. Doctors and hospitals that are in-network with your insurance will keep your cost lower.
  2.   Use preferred providers for lab tests. Your insurance may have a lab that they prefer you to use for blood tests, etc. Call your insurance for info on this.
  3.   Choose generic drugs for prescriptions (if applicable).
  4.   Know your drug costs so you don’t get sticker shock. Some brands or manufacturers may charge less than others—so check your tiers and talk to your doc, too!
  5.   If your drug cost is more than you can manage, find out if the manufacturer offers financial assistance or payment options.
  6.   Ask about payment plans for high priced hospital bills that you can’t pay in full.
  7.   Inquire about financial assistance.
  8.   Know the co-pay prices for urgent care, ER visits and doctor’s visits (specialist’s, too!). This prepares you for your payment expectations.
  9.   Don’t neglect your health. Yearly physical exams and well-woman visits can catch a condition before it becomes a major issue.
  10.   Review all your healthcare options from your employer and choose the best plan that fits your budget and medical needs. Sometimes cheaper isn’t always better if you have expected medical costs.

Stashing Savings

How do you save when you have extra income at the end of each month? Every family’s investment and savings preferences are different, as is their comfort level for risk. But here are 10 options for stashing away a nest egg:

  1.   Investing in stocks and/or mutual funds.
  2.   Purchasing rental property or real estate.
  3.   Buying gold or other precious metals or commodities.
  4.   Investing in a business opportunity.
  5.   Putting extra income in a savings account.
  6.   Buying certificates of deposit (CDs).
  7.   Purchasing government savings bonds.
  8.   Starting a college savings fund.
  9.   Stashing that extra cash in a savings jar.
  10.   Beginning a 401K plan for retirement (if your employer offers this!)

Saving On Your Wardrobe

You don’t just need to cut those clothing costs for your kids, but for you, too! If your clothing budget is crimping your style and your budget, then you need to look at ways to save. Here are 10 ways to downsize your wardrobe:

  1.   Buy the basics: slacks, pencil skirt, wrap dress, shift dress, cardigan, blazer, and oxford shirts.
  2.   Stick to neutral colors to mix and match.
  3.   Buy only two hues of nice ‘dress’ shoes for work (yes, that’s just black and brown).
  4.   Opt for consignment or thrift stores to save.
  5.   Need it new? Look for sales or head to discount retailers.
  6.   Do not buy dry-clean only items (this adds to your cost).
  7.   If you purchased the item at the thrift store for a rock-bottom price, then throw it in the wash (on delicate…and cold!).
  8.   Spend more on items you’ll wear for years (e.g. invest in a good pair of shoes).
  9.   Don’t feel obligated to always purchase the trendiest items.
  10.   Always set a budget each month for the amount you can spend for clothing…and don’t exceed it!

Budget Beauty

You want your face and hair to be perfect. And, for many individuals, the beauty budget includes facial care like moisturizers, serums, and cosmetics. The perfect hairstyle and hue also take the beauty game up a notch. Yet, all these splurges can splice up our finances. Here are 10 ways to save on beauty:

  1.   Need a cut and style? Head to a local beauty school for a discount cut or to a budget salon.
  2.   Opt for your natural hair color instead of investing in expensive color treatments.
  3.   Use natural oils as moisturizers—argan oil and coconut oil are the most popular and versatile. Just be cautious using coconut oil on the face as it will clog pores.
  4.   Mix up your own face masks and scrubs! DIY is budget beauty at its best!
  5.   Make a list of cosmetic items that you need from the store and stick to the list. Those aisles can be tempting.
  6.   Use coupons and in-store rewards to save money on cosmetics.
  7.   Delete luxe and high-end beauty brands from your list!
  8.   Search for ‘dupes’ of your favorite lipstick hues. Love a high-end cosmetics brand and a certain hue? Search the internet blogs for a product dupe that’s cheaper.
  9.   Join beauty rewards programs to save money on your future purchases.
  10.   For those with unique skincare needs, talk to your dermatologist for recommendations on inexpensive products to care for your skin.

When you’re ready to ring in 2019, make a resolution that this year will be the time to start saving money. And there are so many ways to save! Review your budget and then implement all the many ways that you can cut costs, shop smarter and save more money for your future!

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