Recreation vehicles (or RVs) create a home on the road for adventure seekers. If you’ve taken out a RV title loan, you may wonder if you can still enjoy that vehicle. Yes, you can! So get behind the wheel, hit the highways and explore.

Your RV may be a full-time home or just a convenient portable vacation home, but living on the road means embracing a “less is more” lifestyle. And in an RV, storage is limited.

So when you hit the road, what should you leave behind?  Save space and say no to:

  • Boxes of clothes and shoes (pack what you need only!)
  • Large toys
  • Breakable items (like glassware!)
  • Bulky furnishings

You need to conserve storage and floor space, so minimalism should be celebrated! Even if you avoid bulkier items and too many wardrobe items, RVs shouldn’t be cramped with stuff and clutter.

Even the necessities can start to overwhelm the smaller square footage of your RV. So how do you conserve storage and still have room for the basics?

Here are 10 storage hacks to make the most of your mobile space:

Storage Space in the back of an RV

RV Storage Hack #1: Over and Under

Space can be found all around your RV. But many nooks and crannies offer places to stash extra items. If there’s space under a table or built into sitting areas, utilize it.

Store foldable items like extra blankets or linens in areas built under seating. To conserve even more space, roll those linens into tubes. Don’t fold them the traditional way.

RV Storage Hack #2: Contain the Excitement

One of the easiest storage solutions can be found at your local discount store: containers! You can choose from different sizes and shapes (and depths) depending on your storage needs.

You might want to avoid using stacking crates as these may tumble easily. Instead choose clear plastic containers. Don’t forget to label them.

Don’t stack storage containers in an open space, as they may fall during travels and could cause injuries or damage. Make sure all containers are secure and immobile.

RV Storage Hack #3: Hang Clothes

Your RV might have a small closet. But if you still need room for a coat or a few extra clothes, you might want to install hooks for extra hanging space.

Yes, you also could store sweaters and other bulky items in cubicles found underneath the seats.

RV Storage Hack #4: Nest Your Cookware and Dishes

When you’re living on the road, you need your supplies to be compact and minimal. Choose cookware and dishware that easily nest to save cabinet space. The more items you can fit, the better! Think Russian Matryoshka dolls, but for kitchenware!

Need more RV space? Nest those dishes...or buy dishes that were meant to nest!

RV Storage Hack #5: Hanging Organizers

The walls of your RV can be used as extra storage, too! Buy hanging organizers to store spices, ties, scarves, and more.

Some organizers can hang off doors, which is great for the bathroom! Use this to store towels or other amenities.

Hanging organizers meant to store shoes also can store cups or other must-have items. It’s ok to think outside the box! Whatever you store in those organizers, be sure to keep it secure so it doesn’t jostle and fall out during the drive. The driver doesn’t need any distractions!

RV Storage Hack #6: Shelf Dividers

One of the easiest storage hacks is to invest in shelf dividers. This helps you make the most of that small space…especially in closets.

If you’re using dividers for clothes, be sure to roll…not fold. Again, this maximizes the storage space.

RV Storage Hack #7: Wire Sink Organizers

Under the sink storage is limited, too, and it’s often where soap and cleaners are stored. You can purchase wire organizers that keep these items secure under the sink. And it may help conserve and maximize space, too.

Remember to keep all items secure while driving!

RV Storage Hack #8: Hang the Pots and Pans!

If cabinet space is limited, you may want to install hooks in cabinets to hang pots and pans in place instead of stacking them. Again, just be sure they are locked in place while driving.

Some RV lovers also store cookware in the oven and line them with towels (so they don’t bump). Just be sure that the oven is OFF when you do this!

RV Storage Hack #9: Don’t Be Buggin’

The wilderness holds many fun critters, but bugs aren’t a favorite for many. Especially when they start infesting your RV…and your food.

Keep grains and cereal safe from bugs by storing them in airtight plastic containers.

RV Storage Hack #10: Use Vacuum Tight Bags

Bulky linens or clothes can be made slightly less cumbersome by storing them in vacuum tight bags. Typically, these bags require you to use a vacuum to suck out the excess air, and this causes the bag to collapse for easy storage.

This is the perfect solution for bed linens, bulky comforters and other extra clothing.

Vacuum Tight Bags with Clothes help save space in an RV

Storage is limited in any small space, and in RVs space is typically minimal. You need to maximize every inch, so opt for lots of organizers, hooks and storage containers.

Remember, though, everything needs to be secured during the drive. You don’t want to risk injury or distract the driver with flying objects!

And avoid glass items, please. Plastic and other unbreakable materials are much more travel friendly, and, yes, that means for dishware, too! You never know when a sudden stop might result in items being bumped together.

If you have glassware or ceramic dishes, these may easily chip, break or shatter. You don’t want to have to clean the shards of glass out of those cabinets! However, for those who still want fancy dinnerware, Corelle is a popular recommendation.

Whatever destination you map out on your journey, pack smart, conserve space and enjoy every moment on the road. And with all that extra room, you might even have some space for souvenirs to remember your adventures.