You might think that any vehicle with the same number of doors and an engine is worth about the same. Not true! Your vehicle could be valued much lower by your insurance company, a car title loan company like 1(800) Car-Title® or an eager buyer when you haven’t taken care of it over time. We’ve got some simple tips to help you maintain the highest value of your vehicle and get the best return on your investment.

Complete Recommended Routine Maintenance

When you roll your new baby off the lot, many times the car dealer will include a free oil change to keep you as a customer. But following your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance also helps to maintain its value. The engine will last longer and create more horsepower while your belts will get inspected for wear. Many accidents happen due to mechanical failures which can be prevented by that multi-point inspection your quickie oil change place often includes with their service. Some routine services that should be on your must-do list include:

  • Replace worn tires
  • Replace brake shoes and pads,
  • Replace belts
  • Complete routine changes on transmission and radiator fluids
  • Oil and filter changes
  • Inspect all lines, gaskets, and seals for leaks

Keep It Clean

Upholstery and carpeting do accumulate dirt over time, which can get embedded in the seats creating a grimy appearance. You will get a better offer on your used car when you visit the do-it-yourself vacuums located outside the car wash. Running it through the wash also helps eliminate corrosive salt and other solvents that will deteriorate the finish and frame over time. You might want to include some wipes designed just for leather in your glove box. Use them once a month to keep your steering wheel, shifter, and seats from cracking. There’s nothing like upholstery with holes in it to drop your best price.

Fix the Fender Bender

Nobody is going to value your vehicle at the top rate when you put it up for sale with a ding in the door. It’s your choice whether you want to use your insurance to defray the cost of fixing the accident damage, but spending a couple hundred dollars banging out a dent could add an extra thousand on the price when it’s time to sell. If you replace a cracked bumper, opt for matte black or get it painted to match the rest of the car to hide its age. Even a bottle of scratch remover only costs a few dollars up front, but can translate into hundreds on your bottom line.

Rent when on Vacation

Even if you don’t lease, those extra miles that you rack up while taking that road trip every year do add up. Nothing lowers the resale value of your car like a high odometer reading. Consider renting a car for the week instead. Treat yourself to a sports car or convertible to add to the luxury of your time off while still exploring the beautiful back roads across country.

Respond to Recalls

Last of all, if there is a safety recall out on your vehicle, get it fixed. Even if your car is ten years old, the dealer will have to complete the recall for free. If your buyer does a check on the make and model, they might lower their offer when they find out they need to take it in for repairs right away. Besides, won’t you feel better when you know that your car is safe to drive?

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