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Rumba Money Centers and LoanCenter have joined up to provide title loans for the residents of Atlanta, GA. People might find themselves in unforeseen monetary situations at times. When you need cash fast, a title loan can be a viable choice. You could conceivably use your car, motorcycle, or rv as collateral to secure your loan. This means that if your credit score is low, or you had difficulty getting approved for a loan in the past, you maybe able to get a loan as soon as today. You can use your motorcycle, RV, or car, so give us a call and a LoanCenter employee can assist you with the process right now.

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Rumba Money Centers


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Benefits of a Car Title Loan in Atlanta

With a title loan from LoanCenter you can spend the loan money at your discretion. Many other forms of personal loans will call for you to use the cash for a specific reason, but we do not have this condition for our title loan customers. Despite the fact that you are using your vehicle as collateral for your loan, you will still have access to your car while you repay your loan. LoanCenter is also unique, because we report your title loan to the credit bureaus, which could potentially improve your credit score if you make your payments on time. You could possibly borrow thousands of dollars, even if your credit is not the greatest. By securing your loan with your vehicle, this allows us to qualify you for more money than you would with other types of personal loan. Our processing time is very fast, and many of our customers received their cash the same they submitted their application.

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