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Are you desperate to get your hands on some money quickly? Maybe you need to pay rent to avoid an eviction, or you need to pay off a power bill to avoid having your electricity shut off.

In some cases, you might need money for a happier reason, such as taking advantage of an investment or making a purchase that you really want.

Whatever the reason, if you need money as quickly as possible, then you should opt for a title loan. Title loans, which are widely available in the Rialto area, are loans that are given based on the fact that you own a vehicle with a lien-free title in your name.

If you meet that very simple requirement, then chances are that you can qualify for a title loan and get your hands on the money you need very quickly.

Car Title Loans Rialto

We said title loans are a fast way to get money, but many people don’t realize just how fast they are.

The application process for title loans is not very in-depth. While every lender will have its own specific requirements, typically all you will need to qualify will be your vehicle title, a state-issued identification card, and proof of income to show that you will be able to pay back the loan.

If there have ever been any liens on your vehicle, then your lender may also require you to have proof that the lien has been cleared. Aside from these basics and any other simple requests from your lender, you really won’t need much else, if anything, in order to apply. In fact, with many lenders, you can even fill out your title loan application online, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

If you have all of the required documentation, then you can typically find out if your loan is approved within an hour or even much less, sometimes within minutes. And, even better yet, you will get your loan funds as quickly as possible. In fact, with most people who apply for title loans, the funds are received the very same day that they are applied for.

Compare this to more traditional loans, for which the approval process- if you even get approved- can take days or even weeks. Then, you’ll have to wait for the funds to be deposited into your account and potentially even for them to clear.

If you don’t have that type of time to waste, especially when there is no guarantee that you will even get the loan you need in the first place, then a title loan is definitely the option you want to seek out.

Keep Your Vehicle

Perhaps one of the worst myths surrounding title loans is that, when you take one out, you will not be able to use your vehicle. Borrowers often imagine their cars locked up on some lender’s yard.

However, this is not at all how the title loan process works.

Instead, you will simply provide your vehicle’s title and a copy of your keys to your lender. Don’t worry. They will make the keys for you onsite.

Once the lender has those things and you have signed the title loan agreement, you are free to drive away in your own vehicle, which you still maintain ownership to. You can drive your car throughout the course of the loan. In fact, the only time your vehicle would ever be taken from you would be if you failed to meet the payment arrangement set up by your lender.

And, even then, title loan lenders are notoriously easy to work with. As long as you maintain good communication with them, they will typically work out payment extensions and alternate payment arrangements as needed. After all, they want the money you owe them much more than they want your vehicle!

Don’t Worry About Credit

Another thing people tend to worry about when it comes to title loans is whether or not they will qualify, especially if they have been turned down for loans in the past.

However, bear in mind that banks and traditional lenders have much more stringent requirements than title loan lenders. Title loan lenders are specifically designed to deal with people who have poor or no credit.

So, if you’re worried about your credit or lack thereof, don’t be! In most cases, the title loan lender will not even check your credit score in order to determine eligibility for your loan.

You Don’t Need a Co-Signor

When people have bad credit or no credit, they often require a co-signor in order to get the money that they need.

However, as mentioned, title loan lenders are not concerned with your credit. As a result, they will not require you to ask anyone else or put anyone else on the line for your loan.

As long as you have your vehicle title acting as collateral, you really don’t need anything else in your favor.

Enjoy Easy Repayment

As a final advantage, most Rialto title loan lenders offer a wide range of payment options to make it easy to pay back your loan.

Some people, for example, like to pay back their loans all at once, a few weeks or months down the road, when they get into a better financial situation. Others like to make several small payments over a long course of time, while some like to make small payments followed by a last, larger payment.

Any option should be fine as long as you talk about your options and work out the details of repayment with your lender before signing the agreement. You can typically even set up your payments on pre-agreed upon dates so that they are automatically drafted from your bank account, further reducing stress and worry.

In all of these ways and so many more, a title loan can prove to be incredibly beneficial for you and your life. The key is just to do your research to find a reputable, licensed lender and then to borrow responsibly and to ensure you are aware of all of the terms and conditions of your title loan agreement.

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